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In our design process, we focus on creating an atmosphere. We strive for an appearance that closely aligns with the client’s identity. Our goal is to create websites that are easy to navigate, easily findable, and simple for the client to update themselves. To limit our hours (and thus costs), we use WordPress themes as a base. We tailor all our designs, ensuring each website looks unique.

If you already have a website, we can give it a fresh, new look. If you don’t have a website yet, we can handle everything for you. We also have extensive experience with designing and analyzing email newsletters.



We design websites that are fit to your needs and esthetics. It is our mission to create websites that are easy to navigate, easy to find and easy to update by our clients themselves. To reduce the work (and cost), we customize existing Wordpress themes. If you have an existing website, we can give it a fresh, new look. If you don’t have a website yet, we will reserve the domain name, set up e-mail addresses and organize hosting. We can also help you create e-mail newsletters linked to a client database (and analyze the results).

step 1: profile

In an initial meeting, we discuss goals, preferences, and visual tastes. Together, we determine the budget in the form of a punch card with development hours and the intensity of the process. If you can handle many tasks yourself, it saves hours on our end. If your time is precious, we can take over tasks such as copywriting and image editing.

step 2: sketch phase

We present proposals in the form of sketches, allowing you to further define the direction and refine the selection of layouts, structures, colors, and fonts. This process continues until a definitive visual identity is established.

step 3: construction

We recreate the sketches as a test website in WordPress. We ensure that the website functions well on all screen sizes, including computer, smartphone, and tablet screens. You provide the content for the website, and we place it on the test website.

step 4: hosting

We handle the purchase of the domain name, set up a hosting package, and create an email address. Once approved, the website goes live on your new domain. We optimize the site with keywords for Google and install plugins for security and archiving.

step 5: handover

In the final step, you receive a backup of the website for your archive. To enable you to make future changes to your website, we provide a step-by-step tutorial.

atelier aida

Atelier Aida offers sewing lessons and courses. There is also an in-house design collection of simple clothing items that students can sew. MIN-studio created the complete package of branding, photography, and website design. The pages are deliberately kept very minimal with pale colors, ensuring that all attention is directed towards the photos: minimal, clean shots of the clothing items that can be sewn.

de overgangscoach

Menopause coach Monique Caris offers coaching to women during the transitional period around menopause. Central to her approach is the image of feathers in various powerful, warm colors.

The feathers symbolize letting go and resilience. Just as a bird sheds its feathers layer by layer during molting, ready for a new phase and new feathers.

ik verduurzaam

IK verduurzaam offers coaching to people with stress, burnout, and bore-out related issues. The website is designed to meet the communication needs of people who may sometimes feel overstimulated: calmness became a key principle. The colors are subdued yet warm. The visuals are created by laying down collages of paper, painted strips to form imaginary, soothing landscapes.


Fardau is a psychotherapy practice in Amsterdam. MIN-studio developed the branding, designed the bilingual website, and wrote the texts. The concept for the site compares psychotherapy to a landscape. When viewed from above, a landscape provides a different perspective and reveals new connections. Water, wind, and changing temperatures have left scars. By taking a step back, trails and paths become visible, which have deepened over time. Everything is interconnected. The elements are constantly in motion and transition.

badge cafe

Badge Cafe from London participates in various cultural events with a “Badge Making Station.” Around a large table, attendees can sit down and tear images and texts from an abundance of books and magazines to create mini-collages encapsulated in buttons. The initiator wanted a website that would do justice to the chaotic, creative process of badge-making. It is a scrollable site where the badges appear in 3-D, as if they were lying on a table. The backgrounds are changing enlargements of magazine pages.

fysio goudenregen

This collective of physical therapists wanted us to restyle their website. The original logo is an illustration of a leaf in fall colors. This was the inspiration for the updated logo and website. We used the colors in a visual of overlaying, semi-transparant graphic shapes. By placing the text in white, floating blocks we created a fresh, modern effect which gives the website new life.

vera blok

Our client Vera Blok wanted a modest web presence. She chose to have only three black and white images in the whole site. Also, the texts are concentrated and minimal. 

samenspraak uitvaartzorg

Funeral director Marion Bollongino invited us to design a website for her company. The mission: to create a solemn site with a contemporary vibrant look. To include color in the site we used a petrol blue duotone for each photograph.


The Wester Polikliniek is a shared medical office. For the website we put the landmark building in the spotlight. We recycled the colors from the original logo and used them in a modern, fresh way. 


Archisto is an agency for architectural and historic research and advice. For the new corporate identity we chose a couple classical blue tones. At the heart of each page is a transparant, thin blue veil. By coloring the images all into the same color hues, an effect of coherence was added.

psychotherapie praktijk d. tielen

For this psychotherapist we designed a simple website. The concept behind the visuals is abstract representation of nature in the form of shadows of trees and plants.

eveline visser

Visual artist Eveline Visser asked us to design a website to showcase her work. We created an amorph layout in which the artworks are arranged in a loose, casual presentation, without much additional information.

josefien & co

For Josefien Tegelaar we created a visual based on a blueprint, the traditional imagery of architecture. To present a large number of projects she worked on and still have a minimal looking website, we used a photo strip with black and white images that come alive once hovered over.